Emerald Long Table

Inspired by the gemstone cut, the Emerald long table is hewn from Walnut and hand-polished with non-toxic, natural oil and wax finish.


The design and placement of the table’s legs allow you to place chairs freely around the table without interference.  Made of solid wood and steel, the table is extremely strong while projecting an air of lightness and effortless style. The tables legs sit atop matching solid hardwood.


The 38” or 97 cm width of the Emerald long table creates a comfortable seating area for large groups, encouraging interaction in the boardroom— or at the dinner table.


Price Options:

Emerald Long table 8. (240cm)                     

  •      $8,550.00 – $9,650.00

Emerald Long table 10. (300cm)                   

  •      $9,350.00 – $12,200.00

Emerald Long table 12. (350cm)                   

  •      $11,200.00 – $14,750.00

Products are made to order in 4 – 8 weeks plus delivery.


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The emerald shaped table is made-to-order—available in White Oak, American Black Walnut and Sapele.—with laser-cut steel legs in polished gold, satin black, chrome and blushed 305 steel.

Sholto Design Studio recognized a desire among architects and designers for locally designed luxury furniture and responded with The Emerald Collection in 2014. The tables are available several lengths 8 feet or 2.4 M, 10 feet or 3 M, 12 foot or 3.7 M, 14 foot or 4.3 M and 16 feet or 4.9 M.